Chicago Dumpster Compacting

Compact your Trash & Save Cash

Save Up to 60% on Dumpster Fees 

Your first compaction is on us!

Chicago Dumpster Compacting

We save you money by reducing hauls by up to 60%, eliminating dumpster downtime, avoiding costly overfills, and keeping employees on the job instead of managing dumpster space.

We make dumpster space when your hauler can’t switch out your dumpster.

How does it work?

Our truck arrives at your site and backs up to the open top dumpster. The 3-ton roller on our Chicago Dumpster Compacting truck moves back and forth inside the open-top dumpster grinding and compressing your trash. The roller will compact all common-day waste such as pallets, cardboard, furniture, construction material, mixed trash, and more.

Up to 60% More Dumpster Room!

Why Choose Chicago Dumpster Compacting?

    • Save money  – Savings from reduced hauling fees flows right to the bottom line.
    • Fix overflowing dumpsters – Create space when you can’t get a dumpster picked up.
    • Maintain employee safety and keep employees on the job – No more rearranging trash or doing “dumpster management”.
    • No more dumpster “Tetris” – No more trying to beat down the trash with an excavator, backhoe, forklift, or humans.
    • No Long-Term Commitment –  Call us for a single compact or get big discounts for regularly scheduled compacting. We will get you taken care of within 24 hours and often on the same day.
    • Environmentally the right choice  – Less trucks on the road hauling garbage!  By reducing the number of hauls to the landfill, the amount of fuel used is reduced, which significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emissions.
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Compact your Trash
and Save Cash!

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Our 3-ton compaction wheel is the heaviest in the industry and will crush trash the competition can’t. We guarantee the best compaction results and greatest savings.

Your first Compaction is on Us!

 No obligation or contract.
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Here are the

Industries we serve

Commercial and Residential Construction


Logistics / Transportation






Restoration Companies


Furniture….. almost anyone using roll-off dumpsters

Dumpster Compacting in Chicago 

​Chicago Dumpster Compacting LLC offers a unique solution to the solid waste management needs of clients in Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding suburbs. The company specializes in compacting the trash in open-top dumpsters, which helps clients save up to 60% on their waste hauling fees. By compressing the waste, the company can fit more trash into each dumpster, which means fewer trips to the landfill and lower waste disposal costs for the client. This innovative approach to waste management is a win-win for both the environment and the client’s bottom line.

The company’s dumpster compacting service is ideal for businesses that generate a lot of waste, such as manufacturing facilities, construction sites, logistics, and municipalities.

With Chicago Dumpster Compacting LLC’s services, these businesses can save money on their waste hauling fees and reduce their environmental impact. The company also offers flexible scheduling to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly, or call-in service, the company can provide the right dumpster compacting service to fit any schedule.

Chicago Dumpster Compacting LLC is committed to providing exceptional service to its clients and utilizes the latest software and equipment to ensure your waste compaction is done right the first time. The company’s team of waste management professionals has the experience and expertise to handle any job, big or small. With flexible scheduling and a commitment to exceptional service, Chicago Dumpster Compacting LLC is the go-to choice for businesses that need reliable and cost-effective waste management solutions.

Your first Compaction is on Us!

 No obligation or contract.
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